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Hi I'm Brent Bowser
Born and Raised Website Design in Barrie

Born and raised website designer in Barrie, I have seen the change in our beautiful town. From the time that Barrie was full of local shops and no big box stores. I loved those simpler times in the Barrie area. Moving to the now! learning skills like web design and  SEO Barrie, I can now give back to keep as much of the local shop feel as I can. You need an online presence now more than ever. With so many people moving to our little town. They don’t know all we have to offer. They don’t know many people or are stuck in their houses because of the pandemic. They will find what they need on Google. So who shows up for GMB or organic search will get the first crank at those new customers. Let our web designers put you Google my business listing and web pages in the first place!

Barrie Website design for small business
| Search Engine Optimization

Whether you are a local restaurant, own a yoga studio. Have another type of small business, great website design is essential for your company’s success. It is the foundation for your online presence. Using organic Google search and Google my business listing.

If you are looking to build a new startup website or make your current site more effective. These are the fundamental steps we used to establish your small business website. Making it completely effective in the online marketplace. 

  • Get a good domain name to attract your industry or service

  • Buy secure, scalable website hosting with a good tech support platform

  •  display a clear description of your business or store

  • Install the best content management system for desktop and mobile

  • Create an interesting, memorable, and engaging website user interface

  • Optimize your small business website design for search engines and mobile devices

  • create and publish quality content with appealing design

  • Website content

  • Custom programming

  • Logo Creation

  •  Install webmaster tools to track the success of your online presence

  • Install a website maintenance plan strategy.

  • Custom website

  • Website design Barrie

  • Web hosting

  • WordPress cms site development

  • Search engine marketing

  • Website development process

  • Professional templates

  • Graphic design

  • Design PortfolioW

Creating a great small business website may not be a simple task. Our formula, customer service and development plan. We give your business the best chance at succeeding in the online and mobile playing field. We are a professional website designer. We measure ourselves on online presence growth. 

Digital Marketing Services | Web development Near Barrie


Google My Business Optimization

GMB is the most cost-effective way for any small business to get new clients. It does need some attention to google my business optimization, the content, and build a strategy to make it sustainable. We can work with you to get you on your way to turning your GMB listing into a lead generation machine.

Local Business SEO

Every beautifully designed website needs SEO. If you are not sure what that is let our team explain it to you. Search Engine optimization falls into 3 main buckets On-page, off-page and technical. You need a highly optimized blend of these fundamentals to get noticed by google and find your page on page #1

Website Audits and design

You have a website you love? But you have realized it is not getting you the ROI (Return on investment) you desire. Let us complete a Website audit. This will give you a road map of opportunities to optimize your site. It could be as easy as to make your site mobile-friendly. After you complete the update you will be on the road to new google page rankings. Resulting in increased ROI of your website.


Website Design Solution

Are you in the market for a new website or a website update? Let us walk you through the process. We will build you a beautiful looking highly optimized website. Jump on a zoom call, walk you through our website design process, develop a schedule that fits your needs and execute on what makes you happy.  Your website is often the 1st impression your new customer sees. You never get the chance to make another 1st impression. Be proud of what they see.


Web designs and social media with SEO in mind


SEO Web design! is the relationship between web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). More so, it is a philosophy that involves the user and lead generation.  We use it inside the design and planning process. It is the best method whereby SEO Is planned and executed throughout the process. Rather than as a post-launch activity. If you’re looking for a new website SEO strategy.

 Look for a company like us. SEO Web design! is the relationship between web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). More so, it is a philosophy that involves the user and lead generation.  We use it inside the design and planning process. It is the best method whereby SEO Is planned and executed throughout the process. Rather than as a post-launch activity. If you’re looking for a new website SEO strategy.

Look for a company like us. That will include comprehensive SEO. During the planning phase, not after the design and launch phases. Google has put out a new update saying mobile responsive websites will be served first. If you have a site that did take this into account you may see the negative effects.

Websites and digital marketing for Small business

Our custom and affordable business web design services. Are offered to clients across Canada. Our goal is to design the perfect site for your needs and fit your budget. Developing the best solution! Each project is what sets us apart in business web design in Barrie and Simcoe County. All projects are our top priority as we develop websites in a creative way from logo design to content. We add flexibility and growth to your online presence. 

It doesn’t matter if you are starting out with a new website or have a static website, we can help you meet your goals. We create great websites that are manageable. We build expandable at a very affordable price.  


How Much Does Building a Website Cost? Website designer v.s DIY solution

Build a website using a website builder is usually the cheapest. Although WordPress is a free open-source platform. You have to pay for hosting, themes, and plugins. Hiring a developer these costs can increase the total cost of your site.

The most expensive option is hiring a web designer. Generally speaking, it can cost up and beyond $5,000. Paying less for a web designer, you most likely not happy with, even though you got paid a few thousand for it.

The method you choose for yourself needs to be tailored to your needs. But, you avoid the technical hassles and learning curve by hiring a web designer. Website builders are simple and easy but do not provide as much control as WordPress does. WordPress is a flexible platform, but it requires active maintenance.

So if you want a site that gets you clients and leads, you need to invest in your website and website designer.

There are three main ways to build a  platinum website:

  • Use a web builder platform (Wix, Squarespace)
  • Build on WordPress
  • Hire a website designer
  • blog

Your website’s costs will depend on the method you choose. For example, creating content is free with a web builder. This content is not SEO optimized. You will need to learn this skill. This could take months or even years to learn. I am not sure how to price that time. Only you know what your time is worth. 

Website designer for free and what you can expect

Website designer for free design

You cannot, and should not, expect a business to give you a web design service for free. Everyone should be compensated for a web design service. Here are a few reasons why free is never free:

Limitations of Free Website Builders and web development.

There are some common limitations that come with free website design plans. Although every website builder differs. Website builders may offer some SEO options but they also will be limited. Limited SEO in web design is a formula for no website visits shredding industry digital.

A limited number of  web pages.

Some free website design builders let you create only a certain number of pages. For example, you may be limited to five pages per website project. To grow your website, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan to accommodate more pages.  Without enough pages, your website design will not give you the result you desire. With the limited page count, most of the time the page available are not mobile-friendly. In the service areas industry, storage industry SEO.

No domain name.

You often cannot use your own URL with a free plan. Your business name will be combined with their own URL to give you your own free URL to use. You will not be able to use, you will have to use Omit, not very professional. Lack of responsive web design.

Confusion branding design.

You almost always have to display their branding on your web pages, either in the header or footer. Users are moved away from your site by Wix’s branded badges. Pointing them towards their own builder plan: 

 Limited blog storage.

With free builders, you get much less storage and bandwidth. This allowance increases with paid builders. You may only have a couple of megabytes to work with. This limiting the content size. Preventing you from hosting high-quality images or other media.

Limited or no customer support for solution to problems.

With a free builder, you might not get any customer service at all. (which is understandable—it’s free), so if your site has problems, it’s on your own.

Restricted features in web development.

Build your website on a free platform and you’ll only get a handful of useful features. These might include an SSL certificate. Access to an online store (eCommerce). Website analytics, plugins, add-ons and domain-based email accounts. Or it may be as basic as not being able to use the fonts you like or being stuck with a site template that you don’t like. or worse yet not mobile-friendly this will leave your design not responsive. Although you are looking to save! This option may cost you more in the long run. Your online presence presents a lack of professionalism.