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Website audit Barrie: Get Marketing Right on the Web

Your website is constantly changing. Pages are added and removed, website design changes or layouts on an ongoing basis which can make tracking how all these updates affect your site difficult without performing a full  website audit Barrie every so often-but that’s not necessary! You should take time out of each month just to go through one quick visual inspection for any issues you might have missed before they become big problems later down the line

What You Need to Know about A Site Audit!

-What a website audit is
-When to perform it
-What to include in the audit
-What steps to take after the audit
-How to choose an audit tool

Website Audit what is that?


A website audit is the process of running your site through various checks to benchmark its performance.

Run automated scans using crawlers and other testing tools. (Semrush, Screaming frog)

Supplement the above findings with deep-dive manual checks. (manual observation)

Producing an overall report detailing findings & recommendations

Turning website Audit into an actionable roadmap of fixes and improvements. ideally it should be actionable so you can fix any problems quickly!

Be the leader in your Barrie space with the best performing web presence!

What is the best time for Site Audit?


Poor Website Performance

Website success is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. If you’re not seeing enough return on your efforts, then it might be time to take a look at what’s going wrong with this crucial aspect! A site audit will help pinpoint areas where improvements could yield significant results and save lots of money in future costs – all while increasing customer satisfaction levels through increased conversions
A good Web Analytics tool can give us insight into which parts our website needs most so that we don’t listing into a lead generation machine.

Reduced Webite Form Fills

An audit can help you identify the reasons behind a site’s failure to generate leads and take necessary steps towards improving it.

We recently analyzed a website that wasn’t generating any leads. The site was down at the time, but our social monitoring showed no conversations going on about it.

Barrie SERP Ratings Falling

                Search engine optimization is a priority for most businesses today. The need to drive organic traffic and see results from your SEO efforts is crucial, especially if you have a website with a limited budget to spend on advertising. Unplanned events can cause massive shifts in search rankings as algorithms change. In the worst-case scenario, this could result in major losses for your business.


Competitor Site Benchmarking

A website audit is an excellent way to measure your progress against competitors. The scores you get from any given scanning tool will be directly comparable, so it’s very easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike in measuring how they fare relative one another on the web—even if there haven’t been many major changes made yet! Even when conducting these audits at regular intervals (e..g., every four months).


What is Included in a Professional SEO Website Audit

The goal of a robust audit is to provide assurance that your company can rely on their data, and if not it will show what needs improving.
A great way for businesses big or small (even those without any financial statements) in every industry across all sectors – including education & research; health care facilities/services ; real estate brokers / agents ; restaurants etc…to ensure they’re meeting minimum requirements by performing thorough reviews down lines within each department before moving onto next one! Once you have been professionally audited, working on the correction is next.

Technical Barrie Search Engine Optimization Audit

What is my site’s technical Indexability? Is it possible for Google to crawl all pages on your website with the current configuration. Or does something need fixing in order for you rank better online!

  1. Are your money pages indexable?
  2. Dose your sitemap include the pages you want to be indexed?
  3. Do you have robots.txt, Does it  allow your site to be crawled?
  4. Are all pages less then 3 clicks deep, alowing the lead to find what they are looking for?
  5. Have all the 404 pages been fixed?

Technical SEO is critical to test because it can single-handedly undermine your entire organic traffic strategy. If search engines can’t crawl your site and discover your main pages, your site

Content is King (Design Content Audit)

The content audit will help you make sure that the information on your website is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant. You’ll be looking at what kind of words are used in order to rank better for certain keywords as well as how often they appear throughout each page so there isn’t any spamming or stuffing which could hurt SEO rankings! Content of the key industry improves your business services, advertising, and marketing efforts.

  1. Is your content helpful and fix a client’s pain point?
  2. Are you the trendsetter, is your content up to date?
  3. Are you using duplicate content without canonical tags?
  4. Is your copy grammar checked and optimized for keywords and has LSI semantic relevance?
  5. Is your link profile solid, no broken links?
  6. Is your content easy to read and skim through? 

Your website’s content is the foundation on which you build your online presence. If that quality doesn’t meet high standards, then users will quickly find themselves with a poor experience and lost opportunities for conversion as they navigate through their site or read about its features in search results

Do you have Backlinks & What is the Spam Score

The audit of your backlinks will help you identify any outliers or low-quality sources that could be harming the quality and quantity.

The number of backlinks is a key ranking factor for Google and other search engines. The higher your site’s rank, the better chance you have to make it on their radar when they are looking at new websites that may be relevant in some way with what users want or need from them

The more quality sources providing links (such as industry blogs), then surely this will give off an impression about how serious someone thinks we’re being taken seriously which increases credibility among potential clients.

One exception to the rule about disavowal is if you’ve got a lot of toxic backlinks. These come from spammy forums or pirate sites, and they can harm your site’s rank in Google search results because there are so many low-quality links pointing at it (which might also affect organic traffic). However–and this part gets tricky!–you’re only able do something about these bad sources after identifying them during an audit; that way we know which pages/domains have been recommending other poor quality websites when users look for information on our topic keyword phrase matches .

Website Page Speed audit

Google has always taken site speed into account when ranking websites. Recently, they’ve started factoring in the latency andending user experience with each page load as well!
The key to high rankings on google is ensuring that your website loads quickly for visitors so you can keep them engaged longer – both by providing a great user interface but also making sure content isn’t too difficult or time-consuming to access despite its complexity.

It’s essential for any business owner or digital marketing professional to understand website performance audits. These tests will help you identify how fast your key pages load, what steps can be taken towards improving their speed and responsiveness on the web pages themselves as well as in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some of the key checks

  • Website design
  • Website audit services
  • Website design web
  • Services website design
  • Web hosting services
  • Mobile website design
  • Design process website
  • Responsive web design
  • Maintenance website audit design website maintenance

Website security audit

By performing a Site Security Audit, you can make sure that your site is protected from unauthorized access and other forms of cyber crime. Leaving the vulnerable to such attacks may compromise sensitive company data as well customer information- in some cases even leading up lost all content on his or her website!

During website security audit, We will look at:

  1. Are the proper SSL certification up to date?
  2. HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to protect your site!
  3. Are there any links to unsafe domains that may compromise your site?

Next Step after Your website audit?

The audit should be seen as just the first step in an ongoing process. Your site will never reach its full potential without constant maintenance and improvement!

The analysis stage is where you’ll use the data collected in steps one and two to make decisions about what needs fixing now or later. This includes looking at how long it will take for each problem, its estimated cost (to resolve), who’s responsible if anything goes wrong with their work as they try fix these issues–and more importantly: Why are we even having these problems?
The goal here isn’t just making lists but figuring out why certain things happen so that future outbreaks can be prevented before happening again

It’s important to have metrics in place that reflect the goals of your business. This will allow us to see how successful changes are, and if there was an ROI on what resources were allocated for them!